CA Design Build has been using the Design/Build process for over 30 years. We’ve seen it in action countless times, which is why we are always 100% confident in our ability to deliver. This procedure guarantees our clients a house that is on-time, on-budget, and exactly what they were looking for.

Over the years, we’ve developed three value-driven packages that we believe best fulfill what budding homeowners want. From site visits to in-depth preliminary discussions to project proposals and conceptualization, we at CA Design Build follow a no-holds-barred approach with all our packages; you get layers upon layers of value, advice, and expert opinions for the lowest price possible.


This package is for the homeowner who needs the full Design/Build experience.

Don’t worry—we’ve got you.

This comprehensive plan includes everything you need to bring your dream home to life; from the plans and proposals to the execution and budget.

We start things off with a long and extensive site visit to see, understand, and analyze exactly what we’re working with. Our team will be joined by none other than Robert Clifford—East Bay’s resident Custom Building specialist, Home Improvement expert, and recognized authority. He’ll help us with the preliminary structural analysis.

Basically, we’re going to evaluate your existing residence and rate how ready it is for renovations.

Afterwards, we’ll discuss your home improvement goals and desires. Using the knowledge gained from both our preliminary site visit and your own personal vision, we’ll create 2-3 conceptual drawings of how your home could look.

This is the Design Phase. This is where it gets real. The concept drawings are there for you to study and select. They come with preliminary budget(s) and real-time budget-friendly recommendations.

You also get:

  • A Personal Online Portal to help you track every detail of your project
  • Special Finish Materials Consultation
  • A “Fixed Price” Proposal
  • FREE copy of “Remodel Stress – How to Avoid it and Save Time & Money” – Robert Clifford’s Best-Selling Book (a must-read!)
  • Value Engineering – expert recommendations for saving thousands of dollars on design

Once you settle on a design and have the specifications in mind, we move on to the Build Phase.


This Design Consultation package equips you with knowledge of all the best options and alternatives available for your current situation, taking into account your personal style, desires, and budget.

This value-driven package starts with a site visit from our team and special guest Robert Clifford. His expertise will help guide the preliminary structural analysis of your residence and its suitability for renovations. Together, we can give you a preliminary proposal as well for the entire project.

As with the Design & Build Package, you also get a FREE copy of Clifford’s best-selling book and our expert recommendations for thousands of dollars in savings. The biggest difference with this package is that we don’t move beyond the Design Phase.


For the discerning homeowner with existing design plans and blueprints, the “Build With Your Plans” Package is an extensive bundle that can help bring your existing drawings to life.

The focus of this package is the Plan & Design Evaluation. Our team at CA Design Build will work with your designer, architect, and/or engineer to discuss the best value-for-money options we can offer you. You’ll also have a more in-depth Specifications Consultation to discuss finish materials for your windows, cabinets, flooring, hardware, electrical systems, etc.

This whole process takes about 10-20 hours, and it results in a clearly detailed list of specifications. Lastly, you get a “Fixed Price” professional construction proposal from our pool of industry experts.


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This book provides all the steps to avoid stress when you are modeling your home and save time and money. The steps include deciding on your preferences, setting up your design, value engineering and budgets, and making selections, writing up contract documents and ordering. The final step is scheduling your construction.


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