The reason we didn’t hire CA Design Build

When my wife and I started planning our remodel we had no idea what we were about to take on. We hired a local designer and after a few revisions, we thought we had a great addition to our 30+-year-old home. We then called some remodelers (actually we called 6) and we untimely ended up getting 3 bids. When we interviewed each contractor they all basically said the same thing- great plan but it was going to be expensive to build. Bob Clifford gave us some great cost savings ideas but after we went through the design work and structural engineering we were not ready to do any type of plan changes. Bob said that the process of remodeling can be challenging especially if we were planning on living in the house during construction. He also stressed the fact that we should hire a professional contractor who would manage the project with a schedule and clear set of specifications. We ended up hiring “the low bidder “ for one main reason- he told us what we wanted to hear. He could build the project and make our dreams come true at a price we could afford. Actually, the beginning of the project went pretty smoothly every day there was progress, but then our contractor started asking for more money for items that he didn’t include in the build. I think that he just missed on his estimate or he had realized that he wasn’t going to make much money. We wanted him to make money but it was apparent that we were in a long process of haggling to get our project finished. Our project should have taken no more than 4 months but it was finished in a little over 7 months. With change orders and extra items that our contractor didn’t include we were also 38% over our contract.

Looking back my wife and I would have hired a professional contractor who was not afraid to tell it like it is. We would have saved many sleepless nights and been money ahead. During our experience I kept thinking of our conversations with Bob and his attention to all of the details, he even gave us a schedule and we both believe he would have built our remodel in the timeframe he wrote up.

My wife and I learned a valuable lesson, go with your gut instinct, and don’t hire the low bidder.

Jim L. – Danville, CA

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